2022-2023 Season

After a successful Tournament and Combine in April of 2022 the CRFC looks forward to a new competitive event in the Fall of the 2022-2023 season! This Fall Combine Competition will pit individual robots against each other crowing the best technical teams according to a series of tests. The season will then culminate in the 2023 National Championship next April!

Fall Combine

The Fall Combine will serve as the first ever CRFC event in the Fall Semester. This event will focus on identifying and highlighting the most technically skilled and effectively engineered robots in the Conference. Teams will compete in a series of Events pushing their robots to the limits to see who is the fastest, strongest, and most skilled! Teams' performance will be directly related to their rankings leading into the National Championship Tournament in the Spring. It will be hosted at the University of Notre Dame's Stepan Center on November 12th.

National Championship Tournament

Valparaiso University will look to win back-to-back championships for the first time in school history while Notre Dame, ONU, and Navy look to rebound from falling short. Dark horse Calvin University seeks to compete for the first time in school history and to make a run for the Brian Hederman Memorial Trophy while nobody's looking!

The 10th annual National Championship will be hosted this coming Spring at Ohio Northern University on April 1st.