University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame has the oldest robotic football team in the conference. They won the 2022 Combine Championship.

Purdue University College of Technology

A darkhorse, Purdue-Kokomo won the 2017 Combine, and took 3rd in the 2017 playoffs. They did not compete in the 22-23 Season.

Wright State University

Wright State joined the conference in 2020, and is building robots to compete in the next combine event.

Trine University

Trine University joined the conference in 2020, and performed exceptionally well in the virtual Combine of 2021.

Ohio Northern University

ONU has earned their place in robot football history as one of the first two teams in the sport, with 2 championship titles.

University of Mount Union

Mt. Union competed in the 2016, 2017 and 2022 combines where they most recently tied for the third strongest robot in the field.

Calvin University

Calvin University joined the conference in 2021, and has officially qualified for the 2024 Tournament!

Howard Community College

Howard Community College joined the conference in 2022, and is building robots to compete in next combine.

Valparaiso University

Valparaiso is a perennial contender for the National Championship each year winning it in 2023 most recently.

The United States Naval Academy

In 2022, The Naval Academy competed with a full team for the first time and took second place overall in the Combine.

Penn State York

Penn State York joined the conference during the 2020 Season. They look to compete in their first Combine.

Indiana Tech

Indiana Tech is new to the Conference in 2022 and looks to start off strong in their inaugural Combine.