The combine of the Collegiate Robotic Football Conference serves two purposes:  First, as the proving ground for schools that wish to compete for the national championship in robotic football, and second, for teams that wish to compete for prizes.  The combine consists of three parts:

PART I:  Combine events styled after the NFL combines to test strength, agility, speed, and maneuverability.  Not all events apply to all robots.  A minimum of a center, quarterback, wide receiver, and kicker are required to be considered for the Grand Prize.   Teams begin in a shotgun start and finish all events in one hour.

PART II:   Scrimmage between the two losing teams that morning, incorporating robots from partial-team schools.

1. 60-Foot Shuttle
2. 3-Cone Drill
3. Strength Test
4. Speed Test
5. QB Accuracy Test
6. Kicker Strength & Accuracy Test

Click here to view a document that describes the NFL-style combine events in detail with diagrams where applicable.

The scrimmage and stress test parts are briefly discussed at the end.